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Dear Daphne,

Thank you for sharing your story with me and all those who will be inspired by your journey and faith. I smiled and cried as I read through all of the pages of your book.

You are the epitome of a strong, courageous, and faithful woman. To see you even on a daily basis, I would have never known that behind your beautiful smile is a woman who has experienced life’s most painful fears and hurts.

My prayer for you and your family is that you will have continued peace and a million reasons to smile every day. I believe as you do, that Ms. Jolie will go on to do remarkable things in this world. I also believe that you will continue to inspire and motivate people to be faithful and to believe that each of our journeys no matter how they look or feel are all designed to prepare us for our ultimate purpose.

Thank you again for sharing. Your story has inspired me!


Hi Daphne,

I just finish reading the book, I thank Jesus for you, your husband,children and grand children……I am so emotional now, I have tears in my eyes……God sent his chosen angel to be with you for nine months….



I love your book, it’s beautiful and honest and hits you right in the heart. I don’t like reading books but I read yours in quick time. It is amazing…

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