Holiday Prayer 2021

Heavenly father,

As the holiday season approaches, we come with a grateful heart, thanking you for the years gone by, and look forward to a memorable new year.  We don’t know what the future holds but we anticipate wonderful things ahead.   We thank you for continued peace amid the cardiac journey that our families walk through daily. We pray that the children will grow up and go on to do remarkable things in the world and that they will continue to inspire and motivate us.

We thank you for so many things including…….

  1. The heart warriors that were placed in our lives and the unspeakable joy that they bring to our families.
  2. Our heart healthy children who see their siblings struggle with so many hospitalizations, procedures, and complications and that they will not be overwhelmed.
  3. The parents, families, and caregivers who struggle with varied emotions, anxiety, and fear from the first diagnosis, multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, and everyday demands of caring for a CHD warrior.
  4. Our heart warriors who are no longer here with us, who left before we were ready to let them go, for the time that they spent with us, and who  left an indelible imprint in our hearts and lives and we will never ever forget them.
  5. The doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all members of the health team that go above and beyond the call of duty to care for our children.
  6. CHD research that makes it possible for advances in life saving techniques, procedures, and medication to save our children lives.
  7. For giving us a million reasons to smile and to be strong and courageous for our families, even when our hearts may be aching with the enormity of the impact of CHD in our lives.

We are indeed grateful and appreciative,


The Journey can be painful, but victorious

This site was birthed out of emotional pain and victory. No mother should have to bury a nine month old baby, but the reality is that it happens. No family should have to experience two children with life threatening congenital heart disorders, but it happens. God has showed himself faithful through the expedition. It is my hope and prayer that our journey will inspire, give you encouragement and motivation to never quit.