Letter to Jovel

Dear Jovel, 

You did not get a chance at life. In utero, all the parts of your heart did not develop as it should. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Truncus Arteriosus affects less than one out of 10,000 live births. You were a special child with a rare condition. God created you in my womb. God does not make mistakes. You were born for a purpose and it was fulfilled. If I had to live life over, I would still choose to have you for those few short months. You were a fighter. Dr. Alexander gave you three months to live without surgery and you defied those odds. You lived to be nine months and eight days. You had five teeth, and you loved to clap and smile. You got your passport and traveled to Venezuela, the country where your grandfather was born. I know that you hated the round-trip flight from Trinidad to Venezuela.  

            You lived in a country where poor children, who needed lifesaving cardiac interventions, did not have a fighting chance if their parents did not have the financial means to afford surgery abroad. Thankfully, children born with cardiac problems in Trinidad and Tobago now have more resources available.

I will miss you, until we meet again, and I hold your warm body against mine. I love you until the tenth of forever, my son. You will always be my favorite Jovel in the whole wide world.

 Love from your favorite mummy in the whole wide world.